Goods train derails in Odisha: Several passenger trains cancelled, diverted

Bhubaneswar: In view of the derailment of a goods train between Angul and Talcher Road single line railway section, the train services in Dhenkanal-Sambalpur Rail Section have been affected. As a result, some of the trains have been cancelled, diverted, short terminated and rescheduled as per the following.

01. 08105 Rourkela-Puri Special from Rourkela.

02. 08106 Puri-Rourkela Special from Puri.

03. 02862 Bhubaneswar-Rourkela Intercity Special from Bhubaneswar.

04. 02866 Puri-LTT Special from Puri.

05. 08493 Bhubaneswar-Balangir Intercity Special from Bhubaneswar.

06. 08494 Balangir-Bhubaneswar Intercity Special from Balangir.

07. 08451 Hatia-Puri Special from Hatia.

08. 08452 Puri-Hatia Special from Puri.

09. 08425 Puri-Durg Special from Puri.

10. 08426 Durg-Puri Special from Durg

11. 08127 Rourkela-Gunupur Special from Rourkela.

12. 08128 Gunupur-Rourkela Special from Gunupur (on 15.09.2021).


13. 02814 Anand Vihar-Bhubaneswar Special from Anand Vihar on 13.09.2021 will run via Chakradharpur-Jaroli & Jakhapura.

14. 08503 Visakhapatnam-Amritsar Special from Visakhapatnam (now at Khallikote) will run via Vizianagaram-Rayagada-Titlagarh-Sambalpur.

15. 08426 Durg-Puri Special from Durg on 13.09.2021 now at Boinda will run via Sambalpur-Titlagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

16. 08451 Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Special from Hatia on 13.09.2021 now at Angul will run via Sambalpur-Titlagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

17. 02145 LTT-Puri Special from LTT on 12.09.2021 now at Angul will run via Sambalpur-Titlagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

18. 04709 Bikaner-Puri Special from Bikaner on 12.09.2021 now at Rairakhol will run via Sambalpur-Titlagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

19. 05128 Gunupur-Rourkela Special from Gunupur on 13.09.2021 now at Talcher Road will run via Kapilas Road-Jakhapura-Jaroli.

20. 02037 Puri-Ajmer Special from Puri on 13.09.2021 now at Budhapank will run via Khurda Road-Vizianagaram-Rayagada-Titilagarh.


02861 Rourkela-Bhubaneswar Intercity Special from Rourkela on 14.09.2021 will run between Rourkela and Sambalpur City and will remain cancelled between Sambalpur City and Bhubaneswar from both the directions.

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