Happy Rajo Sankranti 2022 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, WhatsApp status

It is that time of the year again when Odia households bustle with preparations of a festival called ‘Raja’ that celebrates womanhood. This event marks the period of fertility regeneration of the earth, equivalent to menstrual cycle which women undergo.

Raja is shorthand for the word Rajaswala (meaning a menstruating woman) and is celebrated across Odisha and Odias living outside. It signifies the menstrual cycle of the earth similar to that of a woman. Just like women go into a resting phase during “periods”, the earth is considered to be in a latent stage. This resting period of the earth is when all agricultural activities are forbidden.

The first day of Raja is called Pahili Raja, the second day marks the advent of the month of Asadha and is commemorated by Mithuna Sankranti, the third day is known as Basi Raja and the fourth day of Basumati Gadhua signifies the end of menstruation of the earth.

On the occasion of Raja Sankranti, here are wishes and messages to greet your family members, friends and loved ones:

  • Celebrate womanhood as Raja festival is here! May this occasion bring immense happiness and prosperity in your life. Happy Raja Sankranti!
  • May the aroma of Poda Pitha fill this year’s Raja festival with happiness for you. Wish you a Happy Raja Sankranti.
  • You look the prettiest with new clothes, alata on feet, kumkum on forehead and mehendi on palms. Wishing you a Happy Raja Sankranti.
  • May the Raja Doli bring immense excitement and never-ending fun in your life. Wish You a Happy Raja Sankranti.
  • May the blessings of Lord Jagannath be upon your forever. Wish you a Happy Raja Sankranti.
  • May your life be filled with fun similar to that of Raja games. Wishing you a Happy Raja Sankranti.
  • Celebrate this year’s Raja with mouth-watering poda pitha, chakuli and other Odia delicacies. Happy Raja Sankranti!
  • May the sweetness of Raja Paan make this festival and life sweeter for you. Have an amazing Raja Sankranti this year.
  • May the Raja festival coupled with the upcoming monsoon make your life peaceful. Happy Raja Sankranti!
  • May you have a memorable time with your family members and friends as you celebrate this amazing festival. Happy Raja Sankranti!
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