Having anxiety issues? Know 7 ways to cope with it

Bhubaneswar: If anxiety is starting to dismantle your personal and professional lives and you are failing to cope with it, here’s what you need to do.

Although anxiety disorder no more remains a taboo in our society, a majority of people suffer in silence fearing they would be judged. Moreover, some people don’t even realise that what’s bothering their overall wellbeing is an anxiety attack. This disorder affects different people in different ways ranging from panic attacks, to profuse sweating, restlessness, hot and cold flushes, body trembling and so forth. Identifying what’s triggering it is the key to being able to cope with it.

Having mentioned that, here are seven ways in which one could try and cope with anxiety:

Yoga helps rejuvenate

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to connect with self. When in anxiety, practicing certain yoga asanas (poses) like the triangle pose, tree pose, standing forward bend pose, extended puppy pose and child pose help one stretch deep and breathe better, thus leaving them zenned.


Aromatherapy helps calm down

Every aroma has its own distinctive way of affecting a person’s mental and social state. Certain roots, herbs and flowers like rosewood, lavender and chamomile, in form of oils or skin rubs, are used to help people struggling with anxiety.


Gardening is naturally therapeutic

Having greenery around is always soothing. If coping with anxiety feels like a herculean task, growing a little garden in the backyard or terrace and nurturing it alleviates a person’s mental state.


 Making love

Studies suggest that physical intimacy, be it simply cuddling or having coitus, with partner helps a person de-stress and relax better.



Inserting thin needles in specific energy spots in the body might sound scary but with the right acupuncturist, it’s been considered one of the most relaxing ways to fight anxiety and several other physical ailments.


Exercising regularly helps cope better

Channelize all the negative energies into exercising and sweat it all out. That’s one of the best ways to cope with anxiety. It could be 10-15 minutes of walking or running or a complete work-out routine but, it has to be done regularly, unless there are circumstances of exceptions.


Unburden it all in a journal

Anxiety feeds on almost everyone regardless of the fact that they could be introverts or extroverts. Many people struggling with anxiety live with a subdued fear of being judged by others. In that case, maintaining a journal and unburdening everything there helps one hold on to their sanity.


The bottom-line is, to fight anxiety one needs to retain a mental composure. Also, there’s always an option of medical assistance if none of the above work.


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