HCG Panda Cancer Hospital conducts live laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery workshop

Cuttack: HCG Panda Cancer Hospital organised a live laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery workshop with an aim to upgrade surgeons with the multidisciplinary management of colorectal cancer. The event, which was held last Saturday here, featured senior surgeons from prestigious hospitals across the country, provided a live demonstration to the attendees.

The event was inaugurated by Dr.Madhabananda Kar, Executive Director at AIIMS Jodhpur and AIIMS Darbhanga, Dr.Lalatendu Sarangi, Director AHRCC, and Dr. Krupasindhu Panda, Medical Director at HCG Panda Cancer Hospital. During the live surgery demonstration, low Anterior Resection/Abdominoperineal resection and Hemicolectomy were performed with prior consent of the patient.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr. Krupasindhu Panda, Medical Director of HCG Panda Cancer Hospital, said, “Laparoscopic cancer surgeries are intricate procedures that minimize scarring on the patient’s body. These minimally invasive surgeries also reduce post-operative pain and enable a speedy recovery. This workshop provided young and aspiring surgeons with valuable insights and techniques for performing these intricate procedures, ultimately benefiting cancer patients within the state by offering affordable keyhole surgeries without the need for out-of-state travel.”

He further added that “Open colorectal surgeries give a very bad scar on patient’s body and delays the recovery. After the event, the very young and dynamic surgeons who had attended the workshop will learn the tips and tricks of laparoscopic colorectal surgeries from the stalwarts of cancer surgery. This will help the patients to prevent a bad scar and will help them in early recovery.”

In addition to the live surgery demonstration, the conference featured panel discussions on various crucial topics related to the multidisciplinary management of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is one of the common cancers found in India. The workshop aimed at making every surgeon and cancer specialist well versed with the management of this cancer.

The event was attended by a diverse group of medical professionals, including General Surgeons, Gastrosurgeons, Laparoscopic and Onco-surgeons, and all oncologists of the state, including radiation and medical oncology.

Santanu Kumar Das, Chief Operating Officer, HCG Panda Cancer Hospital stated, “This event is truly an eye-opener in the field of colorectal cancer surgery. Such live surgeries and panel discussions are crucial in helping oncologists provide their patients with a standardized and protocol-based treatment. The overwhelming response to this event has inspired us to organize more such academic programs in the future for the benefit of patients and young doctors.”

The grand event concluded with the felicitation of delegates and faculties by Prof Dr. Krupasindhu Panda, Medical Director of HCG Panda Cancer Hospital. The event also marked the launch of a new association of cancer surgeons of state, named IASO Odisha, which was inaugurated by Dr Prafulla K Das, President of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology (IASO).

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