Hema Gamang joins BJD, to lock horns with husband in Koraput

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 15:

In a dramatic move, Hema Gamang, former MP and wife of senior Congress leader and former chief minister Giridhar Gamang, today joined the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD).Hema Gamang

Reliable sources in the BJD said, she is all set to contest the Koraput Lok Sabha seat on a BJD ticket against her husband.

Hema arrived at the Naveen Niwas here this morning accompanied by Koraput MP Jayaram Pangi. After a brief discussion with the BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik, she formally joined the BJD.

Briefing newsmen on the occasion, the former Laxmipur MLA said she had sent her resignation to the Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi.

“In the letter, I have stated that I have been insulted by the party leadership that has no respect for the senior members”, she said.

“I have quit the party because of Jayadev Jena. I will contest in the parliament elections” she said, adding, she is interested in contesting as a BJD candidate from Koraput Lok Sabha constituency.

According to sources, Ms Gamang was supposed to join the ruling party on Friday but her flight from Delhi got delayed . By the time she reached Bhubaneswar, it was 8 pm and the chief minister had retired for the day.

Hema with jayaram Pangi at Naveen Niwas
Hema with jayaram Pangi at Naveen Niwas

“She was asked to come to Naveen Niwas on Saturday,” the sources said.

The sources said Hema Gamang’s entry into BJD should come as a huge relief to Naveen Patnaik who was in a fix over the Koraput Lok Sabha seat. While the sitting MP Jayaram Pangi has withdrawn from the poll race, he was lobbying hard for his son- a move that  triggered a revolt within the party unit in the undivided Koraput.

It will be a win-win situation for Naveen Patnaik now. He will steer clear of the controversies within the Koraput unit of the party by offering her the ticket and embarrass the Congress no end. He too will have the last laugh as the Gamang couple fight it out at the husting.

“It will be one of the most talked about contests this election season, “said a senior Congress leader wishing not to be named.

Hema Gomango made her political debut by winning the Koraput seat in 1999 after her husband vacated it to become chief minister. She was elected to the assembly from Laxmipur in 2004, but lost the seat in 2009.

IANS adds :
Gomango said he did not know why his wife joined the BJD.
“I don’t know why she quit the Congress. She can only tell,” he said.

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  1. Alok Jena says

    GO MAN GO 🙂 ‘ Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum ‘ !
    Giridhara Gomango is CM & will continue as CM (Chief Musician)
    Now Both The Gomangos will Play Music Chair With Chief Musician & Navin Patnaik is The Director of The upcoming Movie ‘The election’ .From
    The great Banana Democracy Production House 0f India.
    (Koraput MP,Lok Sabha General Election 2014 will draw The attention of The Total County Audience) 🙂 !

    1. S C Pradhan says

      Dear Netaji,

      I have read your comments.


    Its only a personal grievance of Hema Gamang and I do not think that she is contesting election for the betterment of the people of that constituency. On which issue she is going to contest election against Giridhara Gamang?

  3. Alok Jena says

    @jayanta babu.On 2009 Election Giridhari Gomango his wife,son,nephew & One of his personal office staff took tickets from Congress & were wiped out.Congress’ stronghold Koraput lost its hold on The tribal belt of Odisha like Koraput.
    Now let us see/wait, what is coming out this time from the result of the on going election.Now Go Man Go Family Drama has reached an unfathomable height.But as for peoples’ version Giridhari Gamamgo is an honest man.He is only victim of his family members’ high ambitions.
    Giridhari Gomango has been a strong man of INC for 5 decades.
    But he is having so much of patience within himself and tolerating all nuisance.This time he may get Justice from Koraput people.
    But How Naveen Babu has become a part of this type of nasty games ?
    What was the compulsions of Naveen Babu ?

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