Holi takes political colour in Agra

Mathura/Agra, March 17:

With the Lok Sabha polls only weeks away, politicians Monday used the Holi festival to connect with voters.

Girls play `holi` in Agra on March 16, 2014. (Photo: Pawan Sharma/IANS)
Girls play `holi` in Agra. (Photo: Pawan Sharma/IANS)

Holi Milan gatherings were organised by NGOs, caste panchayats and other community groups in the land of Sri Krishna here.

Candidates have placed advertisements in the local media to mark Holi and are wishing people through email or on social media platforms.

The BJP’s candidate for Agra City, Ram Shankar Katheria, announced his candidature on Facebook, by wishing everyone Holi greetings.

The Holi fair organised by the Agra Municipal Corporation the heart of the city, a day after Holi, will have stalls of all political parties and caste organisations.

“This will provide politicians of all parties to mingle and establish contacts with a variety of people,” culture critic Mahesh Dhakar told IANS.

In the Braj mandal region, Holi is the time for gay abandon.

Octogenarian Satish Chandra Gupta, a former Congress legislator, held a get together of 70-plus senior citizens at the Nehru Park Saturday.

“We had songs and discussion followed by thandai and snacks. It was a memorable event,” he said.

Most schools and colleges in Agra celebrated Holi Friday before breaking for holidays till Tuesday.

At the Central Hindi Institute, hundreds of foreign students and those from the north-east had their first brush with Holi. And they clearly enjoyed the celebrations to the hilt.

In Mathura-Vrindavan region, Holi celebrations, unlike in the past, are now largely confined to temples.


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