India abstains from Geneva vote on Sri Lanka

New Delhi, March 27

In a move that will please Colombo, India Thursday sprang a surprise by abstaining from a UN Human Rights Council resolution in Geneva calling for a probe into alleged war crimes by Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka war zone 2009 (pic source : the
Sri Lanka war zone 2009 (pic source : the

India said the resolution ignores the efforts at reconciliation being done by Sri Lanka in the predominantly Tamil north, including holding of elections.

Contrary to what was widely expected to be a repeat of earlier moves of backing the UN resolution, India Thursday said it “cannot go along with the resolution and will abstain on the resolution under consideration”.

“In asking the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to investigate, assess and monitor the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, the resolution ignores the progress already made by the country,” it said.

While rejecting the resolution, India said it is “concerned that the resolution has the potential to hinder the efforts of the country rather than contribute constructively to its efforts, and hence inadvertently complicate the situation”.


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