India B bag World billiards crown

Glasgow, Aug 15:

India B, comprising Rupesh Shah, Pankaj Advani, Devendra Joshi and Ashok Shandilya won the inaugural World Billiards team championship here Thursday, defeating India A 5-4 in the final.

pankaj advaniIn a close match, Advani, the multiple World billiards champion, remained unbeaten in all his three matches while Shandilya and Shah claimed one outing apiece to help India B bag the gold.

Earlier, in the semifinals, India B swept past Ireland 6-0 while India A, consisting of Balachandra Bhaskar, Alok Kumar, Sourav Kothari and Dhruv Sitwala, overcame England 5-1.

The results:

Final: India B beat India A 5-4 (Rupesh Shah lost to Balachandra Bhaskar 160-163; Pankaj Advani bt Alok Kumar 439-193; Devendra Joshi lost to Sourav Kothari 189-271; Advani bt Bhaskar 242-214; Shah lost to Kothari 161-384; Shandilya bt Kumar 442-132; Advani bt Kothari 613-116; Shah bt Kumar 379-90).


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