India had helped Rajapaksa to fly to Maldives!

New Delhi: India on Wednesday “categorically denied baseless and speculative media reports” that it had facilitated Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s travel to escape out of Sri Lanka.

The Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka took to Twitter and rejected such claims being published by several media outlets and also assured that India will continue to stand with the people of the distressed island nation, the Daily Mirror reported.

Earlier, President Rajapaksa arrived in the Maldives after fleeing Sri Lanka in the middle of Tuesday evening.

The Sri Lanka Air Force has now confirmed that military aircraft was provided for President Rajapaksa, his wife Ioma Rajapaksa and two security officers to fly to the Maldives, following a request by the existing government, the Daily Mirror reported.

It remains unclear whether the embattled President will remain in the Maldives or is simply using it as a temporary port of call before flying on to another destination.


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