India puts on hold moving fresh relief to Nepal

New Delhi, April 26:

Following fresh tremors in Nepal, India on Sunday put on hold till 4 p.m. moving fresh relief and rescue missions to the Himalayan country.


“All movement to Kathmandu kept on hold till 16.00 hrs (IST) due to fresh tremors in Nepal,” defence ministry spokesperson Sitanshu Kar tweeted.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said six more teams of the National Disaster Response Force are being sent to Nepal in addition to the 10 teams that have already been sent for quake relief.

A 7.9 magnitude quake shook Nepal on Saturday, and the toll so far has risen to 2,123 people dead. (IANS)

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  1. Neil says

    At least 3,617 people are now known to have died in a massive earthquake. Initial reports suggest that many communities, especially those close to mountainsides, suffered significant quake damage. Things are really bad in the district, especially in remote mountain villages. The country is running out of water and food, and there are frequent power cuts.

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