Indian architect’s bamboo installation selected for New York exhibit

Kolkata, June 25:

A Kolkata-based architect’s bamboo installation for public spaces has become the first Indian selection in a series of exhibitions at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Abin Chaudhuri’s simplistic design using bamboo poles, retro-reflective vinyl and LED lights to decorate a pavilion for a socio-religious festival has bagged a spot in the museum’s upcoming publication and exhibition titled “Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities”.

“We were approached for the permission to showcase the design at the exhibit for the ‘Issues in Contemporary Architecture’ series of publications of the art museum,” Chaudhuri told IANS, claiming it was the first time that an Indian architect has gained an entry into the publication of MoMA.

The decoration was on display at a Kartik puja canopy in Hooghly district’s Bansberia area.

He said the composition’s USP lay in that it could be managed on a relatively low budget (under Rs.One lakh) and with easily available materials.

The circular installation uses around 1,800 bamboo poles of varying heights fitted with retro-reflective stickers and topped with LED lights to convey movement. It can be replicated according to the space available, he said.

Retro-reflective vinyl – a flexible material used to enhance night-time visibility of public signs and stickers – is specifically designed to be visible at night when stricken with artificial light, he said.

“Therefore, there is sometimes a colour shift that occurs when viewing reflective vinyl in different settings and that adds to the illusion of movement,” said Chaudhuri, the principal and design director of Abin Design Studio.

This concept of putting an artistic spin to a public space was first displayed in the city in 2013 and it went on to win numerous global awards.

The exhibition will run at MoMA from Nov 22 to May 10 next year.

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