Indian Healthcare@75: Infrastructure, Talent, Legacy & Vision

It’s a matter of fact that Indians are hard working and intelligent individuals. It’s also a well-accepted fact that the best doctors and engineers in the world are Indians. In fact, everybody knows that US and UK healthcare is run by Indian doctors.

In India, medical help is readily available, without long queues. We don’t appreciate the worth of being privileged as we should. For instance, if you are going for an MRI in USA, an appointment would be required two months in advance. But in India, it’s completely the vice-versa.

Moreover, modern Indian hospitals are providing all kinds of treatment under one roof including world class healthcare facility with cutting edge technology at a nominal cost in comparison to other countries.

Also, Indians believes in Atithi Devo Bhava, which sets us apart. In our culture we treat our patients with love, affection and care like we would for our family. We call them by name rather than bed number. So there are various factors which make India different from other countries.

Our healthcare system was indeed challenged during COVID-19, especially during second and third wave when a lot of people including healthcare professionals lost their lives.

While India has a good number of hospitals, the pandemic had put forth a scenario where many people needed admissions at the same time.

Post this dreadful experience, it’s a demand of time that all hospitals be prepared for any such situation. Surely, we also have significant positive outcomes to show to the world that India is the best destination for healthcare.

Starting from scratch, we are now the biggest suppliers of PPE kits. India has provided the second dose to 30% of the population. There is a fear that even developed countries are still struggling to match this number. There was a time when our hospitals were lacking in basic facilities, yet we were able to save countless lives.

Hospitals had their learning. Today if you go to any hospital you will find that they have installed a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plant for oxygen and lots of extra beds are being added.

Our respected Prime Minister has been taking keen interest in healthcare sector and government is emphasizing on both ‘Heal in India’ and ‘Heal by India’. We are planning to promote India’s medical tourism in a big way.

Around 50-60% people are young and now we are increasing the count of medical, nursing as well as paramedical colleges. We have reached a state where we are capable of catering to more patients than Thailand and Bangkok. We have land, manpower and skills. I am certain that from 2023, medical tourism will commence with full force and we will get the best result.

The government is making a portal where all big hospitals will be registered especially NABH accredited hospitals. Every hospital is supposed to put their services as well as their outcomes (like CABG, TAVR, Joint Replacement, Heart/Liver/kidney Transplant etc.).It will be a game changer and facilitate foreign patients in a big way.

Our ruling government is keen on Indian hospitals establishing their centers in abroad, besides delivering services through telemedicine or medical personnel. A lot of Indian nurses and physiotherapist are working indifferent countries. Other countries are offering free land to set up and provide healthcare services.

At the same time there are few countries which have well equipped hospitals but have shortage of skilled doctors, nurses and other staff. So they would like Indians to come and provide treatment to citizens of that country. Our specialist doctors can do few days in a month in some countries or some hospitals can establish there.

So, a lot of such initiatives are in progress and within a few years, India is going to become the ‘Viswa Guru’ in healthcare because we have the right ecosystem drivers in place and also backed by our governments vision to make in India heal for itself and the world.

 (This article has been contributed by Dr. Lokanath Dash, General Manager, Care Hospitals, Bhubaneswar.)


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