Indian men ‘maybe’ okay living with in-laws: Survey

New Delhi, Aug 24:

A majority of Indian men, according to a survey, say ‘maybe’ they can stay with their in-laws.

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In the survey conducted by matrimonial website, when single Indian men were asked ‘Would you be okay staying at your in-laws place’, 36.1 percent said ‘No’, 49.2 percent said ‘Maybe’ and 14.7 percent said ‘Yes’.

The survey’s results are on the basis of 13,600 responses from single Indians ranging from 24 to 35 years, to understand the mindset of single Indians about equality in marriage.

When single Indian women were asked ‘Would you be fine if your husband stays with your parents’, 6.3 percent said ‘No’, 22.1 percent said ‘Maybe’ and 71.6 percent said ‘Yes’.

Men are, however, turned out not so keen if their mother-in-law stays with them.

To a question whether ‘Would you be okay if your mother-in-law stays with you at your place’, 20.5 percent said ‘Yes’ and 36.3 percent said ‘Maybe’. While, 43.2 percent said ‘No’.

When women were asked ‘Would you be okay to stay with your mother-in-law’, 68.9 percent said ‘Yes’, followed by 22.4 percent who said ‘Maybe’, while 8.7 percent of the respondents said ‘No’.

Gourav Rakshit, CEO,, said in a statement: “This survey highlights the progressive outlook of today’s youth. It is very heartening to see the shifting mind-set among couples post marriage.” (IANS)

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