Inside story of the Delhi coronavirus case

Noida: From the accounts tricking out of the man found to be positive for coronavirus, it appears that seven people around him have tested positive and are in isolation.

Stitching the sequence of events, sources said that there was no birthday party but 7-8 families went for dinner at Hyatt.

The patient who flew in from Budapest landed in Delhi and there was no check up as such and he was not showing any symptoms.

But the next day itself he had fever so he went for check up with a doctor. His fever was not dropping so they advised him that since you have been travelling so please get a check up done.

From there, he went to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital for a proper check up. At RML also, before the check up he said he wanted to get a corona test done.

At that point, they put him in isolation and when the reports came they were positive. At this point, the government officials visited him and asked him from the time he came back from Italy who all has he met where all has he gone and who has come in contact with him.

It transpires that seven people around him have come positive for coronavirus. Seven of the people are positive and are in isolation now.

He also went to Agra to his brother or brother in laws house and that family has also come positive. It is not clear what is the status of his kids who go to a Noida school.


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