Jaipur-designed cutlery for special lunch, dinner and other meals for G20 summit guests

Jaipur: Almost 15,000 pieces of cutlery and other serve ware have been designed, developed and produced in Jaipur for the special lunch, dinner and other meals, hosted by the government, for the head of the states of 20 countries and visiting dignitaries for the G20 summit.

A team of almost 300 craftsmen worked round the clock, employing traditional Indian manufacturing techniques as well as latest computerized (CNC) techniques, to accomplish the herculean task.

This collection is produced using various metal alloys which is coated with the thick layer of pure silver under the guidance of the founder CEO of the group, Arun Pabuwal, and assisted by his daughter Antara Pabuwal, said company workers.

The painstaking design process and the deliberations began almost six months back with the ITC Hotel Maurya, New Delhi, who worked in close coordination with the PMO, MEA and ITPO and another government agencies for food presentation concepts and designs.

A large number of finish options and metal compositions were considered, including Kansa.

Hundreds of samples were produced, till, finally the present G20 silverware collection came into being.

“Such was the passion for perfection by all concerned that given the deliberations, our company was left with no more than three weeks to deliver almost 15,000 pieces of cutlery and other serve ware,” said an official.

Jaipur based Arun’s Group of Companies, which includes iconic Arun Industries, are internationally renowned designers and manufactures of metal ware, which is rated amongst the top most in the world for technical excellence, quality and designing.

On earlier occasions too, Arun Pabuwal has been entrusted with designing and creating exclusive serve ware and accessories for personal use of a visiting US Presidents, including Trump’s visit in 2020 and Obama’s visits in 2010 & 2015.

The group companies are credited with creating numerous products during the past decades which adorn the best addresses in the world. Today, be it a specialty restaurant at any of the leading hotels in any part of the world, or the royal train ‘Palace on Wheels’ or the dining room at the Hyderabad House at New Delhi where the highest level of State Guests and dignitaries are entertained, or the catering service of a luxury ship or an aircraft or a leading departmental store abroad, the products often form an integral part of the setting.

The company also produces for renowned designers and architects worldwide including the likes of Georgio Armani and also exclusive collections for distinguished royal families across the globe.

Established in 1960, Arun is much acclaimed for designing and producing numerous trophies for world class events, including The Reliance World Cup 1987, The MRF World Series Cup 1989, The Hero Cup 1993, the complete family of trophies for the Wills World Cup 1996 and the ICC World Cup, The Independence Cup 1997, all trophies for Wills International Cup and many other trophies for events including the Miss World and Gold Flake Open Tournaments (Tennis), amongst others.

This achievement is another feather in his cap, which brings pride and happiness to people of Jaipur and India, and to a large number of craftsmen and other people who have been associated with the group companies in various capacities, and contributed to its enviable success story.


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