Jayadev joins Congress campaign in Bengal

Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, May 5:

Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president Jaydev Jena who did not have the time to campaign for the Congress candidates during the two phased polls in the state, has managed to find time from his busy schedule to campaign for Congress candidates in neighbouring West Bengal.

According to party sources, Jena has been in West Bengal since Sunday and will camp their till May 10, the last day of campaigning for the last phase elections of the state.

Jayadev Jena: In the line of fire
Jayadev Jena: In the line of fire

Party insiders say Jena, who has neither any standing or influence whatsoever in Bengal, volunteered to go there only to remain in the good books of 10 Janpath and retain his chair. However, this has not gone down well with the disgruntled party leaders, who are all set to lock horns with the PCC president once the counting is over.

“Being the PCC president, he should have campaigned for us during the elections in Odisha. But, he was so unsure about his own fate that he confined himself to his home constituency. As the PCC president and a dalit leader, he could have made a difference, however small. But he refused to do that for us. Now he goes to campaign in a state where nobody knows or cares for him,” said an angry Congress candidate.

He also ridiculed the PCC president for threatening to take action against senior leaders in the party.

“ He is suffering from insecurity and inferiority complex. If the Congress party has to take action against anyone in Odisha, it should be the PCC president for disappearing during the elections and violating party discipline by going public about internal party matters.”

Senior party leaders are also unhappy with Jena for acting big and issuing threats.

“There is nothing wrong with Jena campaigning for party candidates in Bengal. The question is why didn’t he do it here as well ? He is only giving vent to his frustration when he talks of taking disciplinary action against this and that leader. He has done enough damage to the party already, does he want a split in the party now ?”, asked a senior Congress leader.

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