Justice should be taught in terms of consequence: Devdutt Pattanaik

Kolkata: Noted author Devdutt Pattanaik feels justice should be taught in schools in the terms of consequences.

“Justice is a Greek concept. While it’s a nice idea, Indian thought will always talk of consequences. Every action has a consequence so I think justice should be taught in the terms of consequences…

“What happens when you are unjust… what happens when you are denied justice… what happens when you are able to get justice… all these are possibilities,” Pattanaik said.

The “My Gita” and “Business Sutra” author was responding to a question by a teacher on co-relating English poems, economics and other subjects with social justice at the School Leaders’ Conclave organized by the Aakash Institute in association with The Newtown School on Friday night.

“Therefore, the idea of justice in India is not a very powerful one… we always talk about the consequences. Good or bad, every action has a consequence. So the idea of justice as a fixed concept is a very Western one. Indian systems function very differently. One can’t force fit ideas into it,” he added.

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