IS justifies burning of Jordanian pilot

Beirut, Feb 4:

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group Wednesday described its burning alive of a captured Jordanian air force pilot as a religiously sanctioned “eye for an eye” retaliation for the bombing of its forces.

terroristIn a statement dated Jan 20 but posted Wednesday on a social networking site operated by IS sympathisers, the group claimed the burning was justified under the Islamic practice of “mumazala”.

This practice calls for revenge employing similar punishment for misdeeds.

According to the note, it was decided to burn pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh alive because he had taken part in the US-led coalition bombing of the IS in Syria and Iraq which often cause fires.

The statement was signed by the group’s office for investigation and fatwas, or religious edicts.

Al-Kasasbeh was captured Dec 24 after his plane crashed during a joint strike on the IS in northern Syria.

The jihadis released Tuesday a video showing the burning of al-Kasasbeh leading to horrified reactions across the world.

The Jordanian government failed in its attempt to swap the pilot for a jailed Iraqi terrorist.

She and another convicted terrorist were executed in a Jordanian prison earlier Wednesday.

The IS usually beheads its foreign captives which the radicals claim is permitted under the “suras” or Koranic chapters and recorded sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. IANS

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