Katrina’s sister Izabelle to dance to ‘Dal Makhani’ tune

Isabelle Kaif
Isabelle Kaif

Mumbai, Aug 27 :

Bollywood actresss Katrina Kaif’s sister Izabelle loves Indian food, specially Dal Makhani. So, the team of Indo-Canadian film production “Dr. Cabbie”, in which Vinay Virmani plays the title role, decided to dedicate a full song to the actress.

Izabelle, who is cast opposite Kunal Nayyar, in the film, has danced as well as her elder sister Katrina did in “Sheila ki jawaani”.

Vinay says Izabelle’s dancing took everyone on the sets by surprise.

“She is quite the chip off the block. I mean, we have all seen her sister dance, right? What do these Kaif sisters eat,” Vinay asked.

Katrina has been keeping close tabs on her kid sister’s movie debut.

Says a source from “Dr. Cabbie”: “Katrina is constantly inquiring about Izabelle’s role and the release plans for the film. When she heard about the song ‘Dal makhani’, she immediately wanted to see her baby-sister dance,” said a source.

If the source is to be believed, Katrina even plans to promote the film with Izabelle when the movie releases in India.

“She wants her sister’s debut to be smooth. She also wants Izabelle to have her own identity. There was a suggestion that she be christened ‘Izabelle Kaif’ for her screen avatar. Katrina insisted on the family name,” the source added.


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