Not keen on contesting : Bhupinder

Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Mar 11:
Senior politician and former leader of the Opposition in the Odisha assembly, Bhupinder Singh who in a dramatic move switched sides by joining the ruling BJD, today told reporters that he has no desire to contest in the forthcoming elections.bhupinder
While parrying questions on his possibility of getting a BJD ticket, he said final selection of candidates for the elections would be decided solely by the party president and that he is ready to take up any assignment offered by him.
Singh said he would prefer campaigning for the party candidates than contest in the forthcoming elections.
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    Mr. Bhupinder Singh, please do not bore people by repeating the old dialog which was uttered by many selfish leader who acted like you in past. Please do not think that people are fool. You have stabbed at the back of the party which gave you name, fame and made you opposition Leader in Odisha assembly.

    Who will believe your sweet potato words? This is last stage of your life and you are aware that Congress can not form government in Center hence you must have done a good bargaining with some Corporate people and BJD party to join BJD. If you are really not desiring to contest forthcoming then prove it by refusing the offer of ticket from BJD. If you campaign for any candidate of BJD then certainly that candidate will not win in this election, I hope BJD will not take risk by giving you such an important task.


  2. Mrutyunjay (@mpadhiary) says

    true color!!! this traitor was BJD agent in Congress all these years with internal understanding, that’s why Congress never win under hi,. It is good all the traitors will lick Naveen’s feet.

  3. Mrutyunjay (@mpadhiary) says

    any seat this traitor contests, congress should support BJP to defeat him. anyday I will prefer BJP over BJD in Odisha… BJD has spoiled odisha for last 14 years.



    “Yuyutsu” in Mahabharata was a son of Dhritrashtra with a Vaishya woman named Sukhada. Conceived under the fear that Ghandari couldn’t produce any children,

    As Mahabharata was a righteous war, the warriors were given the freedom by both sides to switch to the side they believed was morally correct. Yuyutsu played a major role in the Mahabharatha as an informant among the Kauravas. He assisted the Pandavas by providing critical information about Kauravas’ preparation and planning.

    Before the onset of the battle of Kurukshetra War between Kauravas and Pandavas, Yuyutsu shifts from Kauravas to the Pandava camp. Yuyutsu fought the battle on the side of the Pandavas. This act of Yuyutsu demoralized and depressed the Kauravas before the war begins.

    Now in Kaliyug Mahabharat War (Election 2014) the position is a little different because it is Kaliyug.

    The politicians have got chance to shift from one party to another before the Kaliyug Mahabharat War (election 2014).

    Assume that BJD is Kaliyug Kauravas & Congress in Odisha is Kaliyug Pandavas, the opposition leader Sri Bhupender Singh is Yudhistira(ADHARMARAAJ) and Naveen is Duryadhan. Now Kaliyug Pandavs (Congress) & Kaliyug Kauravas (BJD) are ready for the war (election 2014). Before war (Election 2014) there is a option to change the side but!!!! Surprisingly none of Kaliyug kaurava (BJD) brothers came to Kaliyug Pandavas (Congress) side rather the would be KING (Opposition Leader Bhupinder Singh) Yudhistir (elder brother of Kaliyug Pandavas) has changed the side and took shelter of Kaliyug Kauravas (BJD). This has happened because this is Kaluyug and not Dwapar Yug. Hence once the would be King Yudhistira(ADHARMA RAAJ) has gone to Kaliyug Kauravas side then why there should be a war?

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