Anna-supporter assaults Kejriwal in Haryana, nabbed

Bhiwani (Haryana), March 28 :

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal was Friday evening assaulted by a man who claimed to be a supporter of social activist Anna Hazare during a road show in Charkhi Dadri town of Haryana’s Bhiwani district, witnesses said. The attacker has been arrested.Kejriwal

The man climbed the open jeep on which Kejriwal was travelling and tried to hit him during the road show in Charkhi Dadri, about 125 km from New Delhi.

The former Delhi chief minister was hit near his neck, but he was not injured.

The attacker, identified as Satinder of Lehga village in Bhiwani district, who is an unemployed law graduate, was immediately pinned down by Aam Aadmi Party supporters and beaten up.

He was carrying a bag with a black flag in it. He was taken away by police who were present at the spot.

The assaulter told police he wanted to show the black flag to Kejriwal in his face.

He said he was a supporter of Anna Hazare and had participated in Hazare’s protests in New Delhi in the past.

Kejriwal Friday began his three-day road show through Haryana.

The AAP leader, who seemed to be caught completely unawares by the attack, took to the mike and urged AAP supporters not to hit the attacker.

However, the man was given a sound thrashing by the crowd before police whisked him away.

Haryana Police had made elaborate security arrangements for the AAP road show but the attacker was able to reach near Kejriwal after mingling with the crowd.

The AAP has fielded candidates in all 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in Haryana, which go to the polls April 10.

The party has focussed a lot on Haryana for the general elections after its good showing in December’s assembly elections in Delhi.


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