Lakhs take holy dip at Chandrabhaga in Odisha

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Konark, Jan 26:

Thousands of devotees from Odisha and other parts of the country took a holy dip at Arka Kshetra of Odisha, popularly known as Chandrabhaga, near Konark this morning on the occasion of Magha Saptami.

Chandrabhaga budaAccording to reports, more than 2.5 lakh devotees took the dip in the wee hours.

As per the Hindu belief, taking a dip early in the morning at Chandrabhaga and watching the rising Sun fulfils all the wishes of the devotees and exonerates all their sins.

Along with Sun God, Mahadev is also worshipped at the place making the celebrations of this ‘Magha Mela’ unique.

Special ritual has also begun for Lord Trivenishwar at Madhipur village, Lord Ishaneswar at Santhpur and Lord Dakshineswar at Kurujang village, the reports added..

Another interesting ritual performed in this famous mela is Cooked rice and dried fish (shukhua) dalma which is offered to mythological demon Arkasura in whose name the place has been named as Arka Kshetra.

The food is then eaten together on banana leafs and the cooking pots are broken and thrown into the pond as per tradition.

It is believed that all broken pieces of pots disappear from the pond afterwards.

Thousands of devotees who arrived at Chandrabhaga last night were found staying in the

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