Lord intervenes to seal marriage of Odisha man with US girl

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 21:

In a real life incident that is certain to add to the mystique of the Cult of Jagannath in this spiritually charged Nabakalebara year, the Lord Himself intervened and issued a divine directive in the dream of a reluctant would-be mother in law to seal the marriage between an Odisha man and an American girl.

american bride 2 The real life love story is nothing short of a reel life affair with a fairy-tale ending.

It was love at first sight for Odia boy Abhinash Sahu (Raja) of Balugaon in Khurda district and American girl Richelle Betty Jonebier (Bhindra) met in the USA few years ago. But when they decided to cement the relationship with marriage after years of courtship, the bride’s family put up a stiff opposition to the proposal due to cultural differences.

When love is pious, Gods do intervene to clear the roadblocks. This was evident from Richelle and Abhinash’s love story.

Richelle’s mother, who was hell-bent on not accepting the relationship, had to surrender to the Lord’s designs. She dreamt Lord Jagannath instructing her to bless the couple and accept the relationship.

The formal approval by the two families led to the marriage which was held on Wednesday as per Hindu rituals and Jagannath culture.

american bride 1

Amid ululation, beating of cymbals, drums, the marriage was organised at the Mutt.

Richelle’s father, Robert Biott, her mother and brother were among the invitees from the bride’s side. Abhinash’s family and relatives were also present on the occasion to grace the newly-wed couple.

Notably, Abhinash works as a software engineer in the USA.

“I am fascinated by Hindu culture and can chant the shlokas of Gita. I can even speak and understand Odia as well, but like a beginner and not like a pro,” said a visibly elated Richelle.

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