‘Maa Saree’ designer is Prafulla Meher, not Businessman Rajesh Meher, claims Odita Trust

Bhubaneswar: As some sections of media reported on ‘Maa Saree’ and praised Businessman Rajesh Meher, who claimed to be the designer of the saree, a non-governmental organization, Odita Trust rubbished the claims.

Denouncing Rajesh Meher’s claims, Odita Trust revealed Prafulla Meher is the designer of the ‘Maa Saree’ in which Maa has been written in 13 languages.

In order to substantiate its statement, the Trust said Weaver Biswanath Meher of Subarnapur won the National Award in 2015 for the ‘Maa Saree’. The National Award Book too mentions about Biswanath Meher and the ‘Maa Saree’. The designer of the ‘Maa Saree’ is Prafulla Meher.

Rajesh Meher’s claims raised eyebrows among many as the ‘Maa Saree’ had won the national award in 2015.

Odita Trust further stated it’s false that Rajesh Meher designed the Sambalpuri Bandha ‘Shri Ganeet- Maths Saree’, which was worn by Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan duing e-promotion of her movie ‘Shakuntala Devi’ last year.

The Trust said actually Prafulla Meher also designed the Bandha ‘Shri Ganeet- Maths Saree’.

Earlier in the day, some media reported about the ‘Maa Saree’ and praised Businessman Rajesh Meher for designing the saree. But the claims were contested by Odita Trust.

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