Maharashtra man hangs stray dog for damaging tractor seat, video evokes outrage

Jalgaon: A man in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon brutally killed a stray dog for damaging the seat of his tractor, as per a video going viral on social media, and evoking disgust and outrage from viewers.

The disturbing footage shows an elderly man tying a rope around the dog’s neck and hanging it from his tractor for damaging his tractor’s seat cover.

The video was initially shared on Instagram by Fight Against Animal Cruelties (FAAC), shedding light on this heart-wrenching incident. The caption accompanying the video posed a question, questioning whether the life of a dog was considered less valuable than a mere seat cover.

The post gained attention and outrage on social media, prompting a response from individuals and animal rights advocates.

SAS India Founder & National President Nitesh Anil Khare pledged to take action in the case. He confirmed that the accused was in police custody, as reported by local police, and he intended to visit the location to investigate further. Many users expressed their outrage over the incident, calling for justice and harsh punishment for the perpetrator.


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