Man tips a whopping Rs.11 lakh to waitress. Internet heaps praise

Bhubaneswar/New Hampshire: Amid all the daunting news related to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, one man has won internet after the news of his generous donation of a whopping amount of Rs 12 lakh to a restaurant’s service staff, surfaced.

The incident took place earlier this month at an eatery named Stumble Inn Bar and Grill in New Hampshire’s Londonderry area. Apparently, a man dinned in there and received a bill of $37.93 (Rs. 2,813.74). The staff were taken aback when they found out that the man had left a tip of a whopping $16,000 (Rs. 11,86,680).

Michael Zarella, the owner of the restaurant, shared a snapshot of the signed bill on Facebook and wrote, “Stumble inn had a very generous customer. We thank you for your generosity.”

Here’s the snapshot:

Zarella told media that while making the payment, their generous customer told the bartender at service to not spend all the money in one place. Initially, the bartender didn’t notice the figures on the cheque and later, when she did later, it came as a total shock for them all.

The amount of the tip was later distributed among all the eight serving staff working that day. A ‘good amount’ of the tip was also given to the four kitchen staffers from that day, Zarella added.


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