Meet Odisha man who donated his assets to homeless people to keep promise

Jeypore: Has anyone heard or seen the height of endowment in this 21st century modern age? Surya Narayan Achary, who donated his assets to homeless people in Jeypore town as part of his commitment, will inspire many to do something for others during lifetime.

The noble deed by Surya Narayan reminds us the popular mythological character Anga Raj Karna in Mahabharat epic, who donated his Kavach and Kundal to Lord Indra securing life of third Pandav Arjuna, the warrior in Dwapar Yug. Another character – demon king Bali also strikes our mind, who donated entire universe in form of 3-ft land to Lord Bishnu in his Bamana incarnation in Satya Yug.

These were the stories narrated by grandmothers or we might have watched the characters on TV serials or in the films. But, Surya Narayan is the real man in our human society living with common people. He taught the vested interests and enacted the term like ‘Daan’ by donating his 2.30 acre land worth crores to poor and homeless people.

According to reports, Surya Narayan, an owner of a garage workshop located in Jeypore town of Koraput district, had built a Birabhadra temple at his locality 20 years ago. When the priest of the temple insisted him to donate land after completion of the temple, he bought 2.30 acre land for donation to poor people. However, he took 14 years for plotting of the land and to identify the poor and destitute people for donation. Finally, he succeeded to distribute the pattas of plots, each 360 sqft, among 250 poor people.

Shockingly, Surya Narayan himself is living with his wife, two sons and three daughters in a home on rent. Even there is no land for his business. He is running his garage workshop in a rented house.

However, neither his wife and nor his children opposed Surya Narayan from the philanthropic act.

I feel happy and proud for my husband, who helped poor people by providing them land, said Surya Narayan’s wife.

“I bought 2.30 acre land for donating it to poor and homeless people after completing Birabhadra temple in Jeypore. Now my dream came true with distributing the land among them and met my commitment made 20 years ago. I struggled a lot for making the land into plots and indentifying the helpless and homeless people,” said Surya Narayan.

“Financially I was sound when I bought the land. I had my own industry. But I lost my house and everything later. However, I did not back out to change my decision. I believe in God and grew by listening Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagabat and Puranas since childhood. Nothing is mine, I did not do anything. It was God’s wish and was fulfilled. I am staying on rent even my workshop is running in a rented house. Still, I have no worry about my loss, my son is helping me in business and all my children are happy for my decision,” he said.

“We got a plot for building a house there. We will never forget Surya Narayan, who stood with us during our adversity,” said a resident who was donated a plot.

Who donates land to poor people when own sons and daughters go away from parents during their old age. But, Surya Narayan provided me a land where I can build my house and stay till my death, said another beneficiary.

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