Money and liquor trail: Rs.240 crore cash, 1.3 crore litre liquor seized

New Delhi, April 23 :

Money and liquor seems to be lining the electoral trail this election, if the latest figures of the Election Commission are anything to go by.

A staggering Rs.240 crore in unaccounted cash has been seized by the poll panel so far, with Andhra Pradesh topping the list with Rs.102 crore.

File pic
File pic

A mind boggling 1.32 crore (13 million) litres of liquor, mostly country-made, was seized, pointing to the intention of political parties to lure voters with Bacchus.

In a worrying find, 104 kg heroin was also seized by officials of the poll panel. The data did not indicate the states where the drugs or liquor was seized from.

After Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu was the other state from where large amount of cash was seized at Rs.39 crore, followed by Karnataka with Rs.20.53 crore, according to official data released Wednesday.

In its effort to curb the use of black money and illegal funds in the elections, the Election Commission has deployed hundreds of officials in all the Lok Sabha constituencies and state assembly seats where polling is being held.


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