Monitoring mechanism soon to address problems of small projects

Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, April 29:

The Odisha government has decided to develop a monitoring mechanism in line with the Project Monitoring Group (PMG) of Cabinet Committee on Investment (CCI) to address the impediments and bottlenecks faced by small projects in a number of areas including land acquisition and multiple clearances to start the projects, and fast track the process.
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The monitoring mechanism will be put in place for investment projects in the state entailing an investment in the range of Rs 50 crore to Rs 1000 crore. The online project monitoring system (PMS) of PMG-CCI may be adopted for the project, official sources said

“Project proponents-both public and private sector entities-would be required to upload their issues on the online PMS and update the same. The management of the system may be vested with Industries department and IPICOL,” said PK Jena, special secretary, PPP and Project Monitoring.

The projects can be reviewed at different administrative levels using the online-PMS, he added.

It is to be noted that the state chief secretary and the Cabinet Secretariat under CCI-PMG review the projects with investment of over Rs 1000 crores. PMG was set up in the Cabinet Secretariat to track stalled investment projects, both in the public and private sectors and to remove implementation bottlenecks in these projects.

After one year of its formation, however, the CCI is described as having unlocked 144 stalled infrastructure projects worth Rs 5.27 lakh crore in the country. However, 253 more, with an investment of Rs 12.82 lakh crore, are still stuck for various clearances.

Jindal Synfuels’ coal to liquid (CTL) project worth Rs 77,450 crore and the Tata Sasol CTL project worth Rs 60,000 crore, both in Odisha, are the two biggest projects to be unshackled by CCI.

The Posco steel plant involving an investment of Rs 52,813 crore, is considered another CCI achievement. Other projects cleared are mainly from the coal and power sectors.

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