Mumbai woman makes 39th bomb hoax call to cops

Mumbai: In a bizarre development, a woman on Tuesday called up the Mumbai Police Control Room to inform about a bomb allegedly planted at the posh Napean Sea Road, which later turned out to be a hoax.

The police later found out that she had earlier made 38 similar bomb threat calls, making them run around for non-existent explosives planted in different areas.

In another such scare, the Mumbai Police got a call of a bomb kept in Kamathipura area of south Mumbai, which also turned out to be a fake alert.

Recently, the Mumbai Police have been barraged with calls warning of “26/11-style terror strikes,” bombs planted in locations like Mantralaya, police headquarters, airports, railways, suburban trains, prominent locations, etc, but all turned out to be fakes.

Besides the woman, other calls were made by mentally-unstable persons, one was by an ill minor boy, or some suspicious characters who face action.


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