Myriad hues of herbal colours spread cheer in Odisha capital

Bhubaneswar: Amid the colourful mood, Odisha capital denizens are also keeping up with trends by going organic this Holi. Choosing to stay safe, they are picking herbal colours instead of the regular ones with chemicals. And you don’t have to look further as these are easily available in your kitchen.

“You can use besan and turmeric for yellow colour, grind marigold and hibiscus petals for orange and red. Beetroot makes for a beautiful pink colour,” said Swapna Pati, founder of Swapna Pati foundation that promotes herbal Holi.

She further said that green vegetables like spinach and coriander can be used for making green colour. Likewise, blueberry juice gives a dark blue colour. “These are good for your skin and easy to wash off,” she added.

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She is not the only one promoting herbal Holi in the city. As a part of traditional family practice, Manisha Jena, a 37-year-old homemaker, has also been making herbal colours for the last 15 years. Her clientele is growing longer with every passing year with people opting for herbal colours.

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Giving Holi celebration a healthier twist, Decathlon Sports Bhubaneswar is organizing a 5-km trail run, Run Pe Rung, for fitness freaks. The run scheduled for March 3 will start at 6:30 am.

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People have also started pre-Holi celebrations, bathed in colours, smearing gulaal on each other’s faces. Various foundations and NGOs in Bhubaneswar like Soch, are also organizing a Holi party at children’s home and orphanages.

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Odisha Sun Times wishes everyone a safe and happy Holi.

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