Nandankanan zoo gets a pair of Reeve Pheasants

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Barang, April 2: 

Nature lovers visiting Nandankanan Zoological park in Odisha’s capital can now enjoy a new attraction, a pair of  beautiful Reeve Pheasants.


The ornamental birds, which are endemic to China, have been brought at a cost of Rs 40,000 from a private firm in Bhubaneswar.

Named after British naturalist John Reeves, it holds the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 of the bird with longest natural feather tail.

A male measures 83 inches long and weighs 1,529 grams. It has a scaled golden white and red body plumage, grey legs, brown iris and bare red skin around eye. The head is white with a black narrow band across its eyes. The male has an extremely long silvery white tail barred with chestnut brown.

The tail of the male bird grows approximately 12 inches every year.


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