Naveen repeats old lines, goes for UPA, BJP bashing

Titlagarh, Mar 28:

Odisha chief minister and BJD president Naveen Patnaik today described the two national parties, Congress and the BJP, as the two sides of the same coin and claimed BJD will play a crucial role in the post election government formation in Delhi.naveen campaign

Addressing a party election rally  here Naveen exhorted the people to ensure BJD candidates win all the 21 Lok Sabha seats so that they can raise Odisha’s issues and put up a strong fight to protect the state’s interests.

He said both the BJP and Congress share one thing in common and that is to shed crocodile tears when they seek votes and then disappear.

Naveen tried to strike an emotional chord by repeating his old line, “I am here to serve the people. I will work for the development of the state and its people till my last breath.”

Predicting that the Congress will be virtually wiped out in the 2014 general elections,  he said the BJP would fail to muster enough seats to form the next government at the Centre.

Playing up the KBK card, the chief minister once again stuck to the same old blame-the-Centre -for-everything formula and alleged the Congress led UPA government was against the special plan for the development of the KBK region and said that was the reason why his government had to introduce Biju KBK Yojana for the area.

Patnaik said the BJD government had not only provided free land for the proposed Khordha-Bolangir railway line but also  sanctioned Rs 100 crore for its construction.

Kalikesh Narayan Singhdeo is contesting the Bolangir Lok Sabha seat for the second time on a BJD ticket.

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  1. Mrutyunjay (@mpadhiary) says

    What else this corrupted useless fellow will tell? Shame on us who vote for him again and again. We are the poorest state of our country and vote the same guy who even can’t speak our own language.

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