This Navratra fast the healthy way

New Delhi, April 9: 

Don’t let all the fried food and sweets during Navratra fasting sway you off your heath goal. Go for boiled, roasted and baked food for healthy fasting, says an expert.


A nutritionist Anjali Hooda Sangwan lists how one can maintain a healthy lifestyle during Navratras, a nine-day Hindu celebration.

* Don’t fall for fried snacks and fried potatoes that are so common and increase your body inflammation leading to weight gain.

* If you prefer potatoes, then have roasted or boiled one medium size potato per day with rock salt.

* Have ramdana ladoo also called amaranth cakes in moderation, since they are sweet, try the ones with pure jaggery or organic honey

* Go for roasted flax seed with favourite fruit.

* Gluten free flour buckwheat flour chapatti/bread. It is great for weight loss too in everyday life.

* Sendha namak or rock salt is great low sodium pure salt which should be used anyway in everyday cooking.

* Fox nuts ( makhana) are Rich source of protein and carbohydrate. Best eaten roasted and sprinkled with rock salt or sendha namak. But avoid the fried one.

* Eat high fiber and high pectin fruits like apples and pears.

* Increase intake of water and increase detoxing by having herbal teas like jasmine and dandelion root tea.(IANS) 

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