New customised feature for Nexus 5 smartphone users

New York, Aug 5 :

A new customised service is on its way for Google Nexus 5 smartphone owners.
Google Nexus
Called “Google Workshop”, it is a new tool that offers consumers the chance to get creative with their phone’s design.

The device lets people take customisations to the next level by using a geographic location to create a case or a live wallpaper, media reports said.

You can pick a place on a map to generate a design and it can be augmented with splashes of colour and text.

“The other customisation service is called ‘Moments’ and lets Nexus 5 users upload images that can be incorporated in the wallpaper or in the phone’s case design,” Android Police reported.

Currently, the feature is called MapMe.

When used to create a live homescreen wallpaper, it will also automatically integrate live weather data and tweets relating to the location, reports added.

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