No ‘Bol Bom’ yatra in Odisha this year as well due to Covid disease

Bhubaneswar: As threats of possible third wave of Covid-19 looming large, the Odisha government today decided not to allow Kaudias and Bol Bom yatra this year.

Bol Bom devotees have been disallowed to carry water from religious places or any other sources in the Odia month of Shravan or during July-August, 2021. Also, they cannot walk on public roads and pour water in Temples and Lord Shiva Temples during the Shravan.

The State government stated the decisions were taken on further assessment of the Covid situation and in the interest of the health of general public.

In the Odia month of Shravan every year, ‘Bol Bom devotees’ or ‘Kaudia’ carry water from religious places, walk barefoot for several miles and pour water on a Shiva Linga at Shiva Temples on each Monday in the month of Shravan. They start their journey on Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

The government has already prohibited religious functions and other gatherings till July 16, 2021. All religious places have been also closed for general public.

Worth mentioning, last year there was no Bol Bom yatra due to the pandemic in the State.

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