Now finish maths homework with Google Lens on Search in India

New Delhi:  To help Indian parents solve certain homework problems in the remote learning times, Google on Thursday said that users in the country can now use Lens to click a photo of a maths problem and learn how to solve it on their own in Hindi or English.

Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google, designed to bring up relevant information related to objects it identifies using visual analysis based on a neural network.

“Now, right from the Search bar in the Google app, you can use Lens to snap a photo of a math problem and learn how to solve it on your own, in Hindi (or English),” Google announced during its ‘L10n’ virtual event.

To do this, Lens first turns an image of a homework question into a query.

Based on the query, Google Search will show step-by-step guides and videos to help explain the problem.

More people are using Google Lens in India every month than in any other country worldwide.

“As an example of its popularity, over 3 billion words have been translated in India with Lens in 2020,” Google informed, adding that Lens is particularly helpful for students wanting to learn about the world.


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