Odisha chit fund scam: Subhankar used not just money, but also sex to swing deals !

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 2:

The arrest of Subhankar Nayak, the shadowy wheeler dealer, by the CBI in connection with the Odisha chit fund scam has revealed that he used not just money to swing deals in favour of the Seashore group of companies. He used sex to telling effect in winning friends and influencing people in the power corridors of the state.

Pic: Biswaranjan Mishra
Pic: Biswaranjan Mishra

Intense questioning during Nayak’s 14-day remand has revealed his close link with infamous pimp Sunil Meher, who apparently provided women to him to be handed over to top politicians, bureaucrats and police officials for favours done or expected.

Sources in the CBI said Sunil used to hire top call girls from Odisha and big cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai for Subhankar to present them as ‘gift’ to those in positions to do favours to the company. Some were even hired from other countries like Russia and France.

It has now emerged that the commissionerate police was all along aware of this, but did not take any action against Subhankar because of his connections with the high and mighty.

During the interrogation of Nayak, the CBI has also come to know that he was in touch will all star hotels in the state capital where he used to arrange rendezvous with the call girls for his powerful clients.

Let alone Subhankar, the commissionerate police did not even touch Meher despite his dubious past record in the sleaze business. But things apparently changed after the appointment of a new DCP. Chandrasekharpur police raided the den of Sunil and arrested him.

After getting information about a Russian model staying in a star hotel in the city, Chandrasekharpur police had raided the hotel and found Meher with the Russian girl. Mysteriously, the police later changed their version stating that there was no foreigner staying at the hotel.

Police did arrest Sunil after registering a case against him – but not for pimping, but for possessing a fake passport!

Though Subhankar had tried his best at the time to release Sunil from jail by pressurizing the police, he failed in his effort.

Sources said Subhankar had provided the names of the political leaders and senior bureaucrats whom he was supplying the call girls and models.

As per a complaint lodged by Pradipta Dash, son of Seashore Group CMD Prashant Dash, with the police, Sunil was using the vehicles of the Seashore Group through Subhankar in the supply of these high profile call girls and models.

These vehicles were used by the agents of Sunil to collect these top sex workers from various locations and ferrying them to hotels and pubs in the city, the sources added.


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