Odisha civic bodies asked to take precautionary measure to check coronavirus outbreak

Bhubaneswar: The Housing and Urban Development Department has written a letter to Commissioners of all municipal corporations, executive officers of all municipalities & NACs regarding precautionary measures to combat spread coronavirus.

The department has directed the corporations, municipalities and NACs to undertake the following measures immediately.

  1. Temporary Quarantine centres i.e. Kalyan Mandap, Community Centre, Cyclone Shelter, shelter for urban homeless or any other buildings of any department/agency (Private or Govt) with electricity (sufficient lights and fans with power back up-DG sets) and continuous water supply facility should be kept ready for use when required. All these buildings should get a face lift by way of colouring of the exterior & interior part wherever required. It may be considered to engage facility management agencies for managing these centres when required.
  2. Service provider agency may also be immediately contacted to provide additional man power for managing the facilities.
  3. All these buildings should be properly sanitised for maintaining proper hygienic condition. Dedicated team should be deployed for proper maintenance, watch and ward, housekeeping etc.
  4. Specific teams should be formed on a cluster approach basis to oversee the sanitary condition & health status of their localities with proper reporting of the status daily.
  5. The ward officer should act as surveillance officer for the entire ward area.
  6. The Ward Officers should keep in touch with community for updating the current position relating to their ward for taking further action at different level
  7. The Swachha Sathis engaged for the Solid Waste Management purpose should be extensively utilised in collecting and reporting the information pertaining to presence of any foreigner or any inhabitant who visited foreign countries within last 15 days in their localities to the Commissioner or Executive Officers.
  8. Focus should be given on environmental sanitation. The earlier instructions need to be scrupulously followed.
  9. As instructed earlier water jetting machines should be procured and made available within 2 days in all Toilets and AAHAAR centres.
  10. Fogging machines & spray machines should be used regularly to sanitise the localities. These machines should be purchased in adequate numbers to meet the requirements. Even if delivery time on placing purchase order is more, it is worthwhile to procure now for the present & future usage in sanitation activities.
  11. All community toilets and public toilets should get facelift. They need to be given color coating and make sure that it gets running water supply and electricity, hand wash with soap facilities etc.
  12. All parks shall remain closed from 2:00 pm onwards every day.
  13. IEC campaigns should continue to generate ample awareness. Any misleading and false information spread through social media or any other mode should be immediately reported to authorities.
  14. The ULBs are authorized to make necessary expenditures for all the above activities out of the funds available under FC Grants/ State Funds/own resources.
  15. All kind of gatherings should be strictly prohibited.
  16. Regular coordination should be made with District Collectors & Health & Family Welfare department officials to ensure proper adherence of advisories.
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