Odisha: Frog found on lunch plate of engineering college in State Capital; hostel inmate reacts on social media

Bhubaneswar: In a weird incident, a frog was found yesterday on the lunch plate of a hostel inmate of an engineering college in Bhubaneswar. However, the victim student strongly reacted to it by posting a photo on social media ‘X’. He also resented the casual approach of college authorities, today.

According to a source, the well-known college’s hosteller identified as Aaraynsh spotted the amphibian on his food plate that was served to him by a mess staffer. He got disgusted with this incident and suddenly left the dining hall without having his food, the private source expressed.

The prime educational institution has been ranked No-42 among engineering colleges in India. Parents pay approximately 17.5 lakh to get their wards an engineering degree but the food being served at the college hostel is not hygienic, taking to his personal ‘X’ handle the inmate wrote.

“Then we wonder why the students from India migrate to other countries for better education and facilities,” the hostel inmate said.

Following the incident, the hostel in-charge today ordered for deduction of a day’s payment to the outsourced firm over the alleged wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, the hostel inmate reacted again through another post on his ‘X’ handle and said, “So, this is the value of human life. The hostel where the frog was served, at Bhubaneswar University, in an attempt to do damage control, decided to deduct only one day’s payment from the mess provider company! Just wow.”


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