Odisha govt seeks compensation for electrocution

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Government has recommended the State Electricity Regulatory Commission to provide compensation in cases of death or injury due to electrocution.

As per the recommendation, Rs 4 lakh will be provided in the case of loss of life due to electrocution, Rs 2 lakh for 60% disability and Rs 59,100 for 40%-60% disability.

Similarly, Rs 12,700 will be given to an electrocution victim for more than one week of hospitalization and Rs 4,300 for less than one week of hospitalization.

Likewise, compensation for incidents of deaths of animals due to electrocution has been recommended. The compensation payable for loss of animal life as a result of an electrical accident shall be payable at the following rates:

(1) Milch Animals- (a) Rs. 30,000/ -Buffalo/ Cow/ Camel/Yak/ etc. (b) Rs. 3,000/- Sheep/Goat/Pig etc.

(2) Draught animals- (a) Rs.25000/- Camel/ horse/ bullock, etc. (b) Rs.16,000/- Calf/ Donkey/ Pony/ Mule.

(3) Poultry- Poultry @ Rs 50/-per bird subject to a ceiling of assistance of Rs 5000/- per beneficiary household.

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