Odisha honeytrap case: How Archana blackmailed a girl with obscene video and forced her to trap Akshay Parija

Bhubaneswar: Shocking revelations are gradually coming to fore in the Odisha honeytrap case involving prime accused Archana Nag who was allegedly demanding lakhs of rupees from politicians, businessmen, police officials and influential persons by blackmailing them with videos of intimate moments between her and them.

The entire matter came to light after Ollywood producer Akshay Kumar Parija lodged an FIR with the Nayapalli police alleging that a girl invited him to her house in the city for dinner, recorded objectionable videos and later started blackmailing him.

Shockingly, the girl, who resides in Jagamara here and hails from Banki area in Cuttack district, had done so as per the instruction of Archana. She had lodged an FIR in this connection with the Khandagiri police on October 2.

As per the FIR, she was staying in a rented house in Jagamara while Archana and her husband Jagabandhu were residing in the ground floor of the building. The two girls later became friends.

During an evening in the year 2019, the couple invited her to a party on the roof of the house and made her consume food spiked with drugs.

She lost consciousness and later found herself in a naked state. She soon came to know that Archana and Jagabandhu took her photos and recorded videos while she was lying unconscious in naked condition.

The duo threatened her to make the photos and videos viral if she didn’t act as per their instruction.

In April 2020, Archana gave her the phone number of a man of Nayagarh and asked her to chat with him on WhatsApp. As per the plan, Archana also recorded the nude video call between the man and the girl.

Archana then extorted lakhs of rupees from the man by blackmailing him with the clip and threatening him to lodge a rape case against him. She also gave Rs 50,000 to the girl.

The complainant further mentioned in the FIR that Archana gave her the mobile number of Akshay Kumar Parija in April, this year. One day, Archana brought Parija to the girl’s house in Jagamara, where she established relationship with him as per Archana’s instruction.

Archana recorded the moments and later demanded money from the film producer by blackmailing him with the video. She also threatened to lodge a rape case against him, the complainant said in the FIR.

As Parija didn’t pay any heed, Archana wrote an FIR in the name of the girl by using forged signature and sent it to Laxmisagar Police station on September 22, she added in the FIR.

Worth mentioning, the case has sent shockwaves across the state with speculations being rife about the involvement of several senior politicians.

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