Odisha in endemic stage of COVID-19; booster dose needed: Top health official

Bhubaneswar: Amidst apprehensions of more COVID-19 transmission due to a new Delta Plus variant in the country, the virus has reached an endemic stage in Odisha.

“Odisha is now in endemic stage of Coronavirus. There is a need for booster dose of COVID vaccine. But, the study report of a technical committee formed by the Government on administration of booster dose is awaited,” informed Odisha Health Director Bijay Mohapatra today.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 transmission has reached a plateau phase in Bhubaneswar.

“Currently, Bhubaneswar is in plateau stage of COVID-19 with fluctuation in daily cases. The city may not witness staggering situation caused by the virus in the coming days,” he told reporters.

Speaking on new COVID mutant, DMET chief Dr. CBK Mohanty said that the contagious mutant of Delta variant has been found in States like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

“COVID’s new Delta variant may infect 10 times more. As it has been detected now, it has been tagged as variant under ‘investigation’. Afterward, it will be treated as variant of ‘interest’ and then variant of ‘concern’. As of now, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not declared it as the variant of ‘concern’. The United Kingdom has declared the strain as the variant under ‘investigation’,” said Dr. Mohanty.

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