Odisha: ITI invents robots to prevent contamination amid COVID-19 crisis

Bhubaneswar: Even as the COVID-19 continues to spread its tentacles, the Government ITI, Cuttack in association with SAK Robotic Lab has made efforts to prevent spread of the deadly virus and protect health workers against infection through its innovation.

The Government ITI, Cuttack developed two robots, COVOT and Megabot in collaboration with a start-up, SAK Robotic Lab to prevent the contamination of COVID-19.

COVOT is a service robot and stands for corona combat robot. It has mobility enabled through wheels and a humanoid structure. Its hand like structure can hold a tray and carry a load up to 20 kg.

An official of the SAK Robotic Lab said COVOT can be used in COIVD-19 hospitals to carry food, water and medicines to and from patients. This will reduce the risk to health attendants attending COIVD-19 infected patients.

The second robot, Megabot is a tele presence robot which can be used for surveillance and tele consultation by doctors who can interact remotely with patients through live video streaming.

Also, Megabot has a wheeled mobility platform and interactive device for video calling.

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