Odisha man arrested for getting neighbor’s kidney removed by deceit

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bargarh, Jan 3:

In a shocking incident in Odisha’s Bargarh, the town police today arrested a man identified as Dasarathi Dora for allegedly forging documents and getting the kidney removed from his neighbor Anil Kumar Swami without his consent.

Bargarh kidney theft

As per information provided by the in-charge of the police station Biswamitra Harpal, Anil had filed a written complaint last night regarding the kidney theft that happened back in 2013.

“As per Anil’s complaint; his neighbors – Raghabram Dora, Dasarathi Dora, Kanhu Charan Dora and their family members used deceitful tactics to get one of his kidneys removed from his body without his consent and got it transplanted in the body of Raghabram at the Apollo Hospital. Today, we arrested Dasarathi Dora in connection with the case. The investigations are still on,” said the in-charge Harpal.

“We have registered a case and as per preliminary investigation, Raghabram needed a kidney transplant and the three brothers planned to get it from Anil, who at the time was suffering from stomach ailments. They forged documents to prove Anil as one of their brothers as a kidney donation can only be accepted from a relative.  As per the documents, Anil was named Jayaram Dora and presented as the younger brother of Raghabram”.

“Initially, they presented the fake documents at Gupta Nursing Home where Anil was treated for his stomach pain and then they moved him to Apollo Hospital, where his kidney was removed and transplanted in the body of Raghabram,” he added.

Upon being contacted, complainant Anil cited that the severe mental stress caused by the kidney removal took him this long to approach the police.

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