Odisha model accuses live-in partner of ditching her

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 18:

Even though the Supreme Court in July this year ruled that live-in relationships, which were earlier considered to be a taboo, has now become an acceptable norm in society and is not considered a prohibited relationship, the vulnerability of the women partner has no way lessened.

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One such bright example is a model, who has been ditched by her male partner after about one year of a live-in relationship with her in the Odisha capital.

The young model in an exclusive interview to our sister concern leading Odia television news channel Kanak News has narrated her saga of how having been used and abused for about an year by her male partner she has been ditched.

The woman said her male partner happens to be the son of a top officer in the government and has been putting pressures on her through different channels.

She claimed that they had met at a Christmas party and it was love at first sight. Then they had decided to stay together.

“I had stayed with him for about an year. He had told me that he would tell his family members about our relationship after getting a job. I told him that I can tell his parents. He restrained me from speaking to his family members since his father had heart disease and it could turn out to be a shock to him. He told me to wait for the opportune time to reveal it to his parents,” the young woman told Kanak News.

Pictures of her good times with her once upon a time beau adorn the wall of her room.

The woman alleged that she had got pregnant twice by her beau and had to go for abortions. One fine morning her beau picked up a quarrel with her on some trivial issue, beat her and then left her for all times to come.

“I had got pregnant twice. I had taken medicines to abort; those reports are not with me. But the last time it happened I have that report with me. I had gone to a hospital since I was bleeding heavily. The doctor advised me to go for ultra-sonogram. He said we can’t go for ultra-sonogram since it is a risky thing; you may better die rather than my family coming to know about it. It will heal on its own. All of a sudden one day on trivial issue he picked up a quarrel with me; beat me up and left,” the young woman said.

The apex court has held that if a man and woman “lived like husband and wife” for a long period and had children, the judiciary would then presume that the two were married and the woman would be eligible to inherit the property after the death of her partner.

The question remains what in case of relationships that are for a period that is shorter as in the case of the woman in the report.

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