Oppn corners Odisha govt on Brahma Parivartan fiasco

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 27:

The Opposition on Wednesday cornered the state government in the Odisha Assembly for the Brahma Parivartan fiasco during the debate on an adjournment motion on the issue.

Assembly 1 LARGEThe ruling party however defended itself by saying that there was no mess other than a little delay. It said the Nabakalebara and Rath Yatra of the Lords have been conducted smoothly.

The House witnessed heated arguments with the Opposition members alleging that the Nabakalebara festival started with fixing in the selection of darus for the making of idols of the Lords. The Opposition did not spare the Chief Minister and the ministers in their attack.

The Opposition alleged that an educationist was behind the daru fixing.

They alleged that the Brahma Parivartan which took place in the daytime has hurt the feelings of devotees.

They said the minister who was sleeping with Daitapatis and the minister who rode the daru sagadi (the cart carrying the daru-holy log) are punished. The Opposition demanded a statement from the government on the exact expenditure incurred for Nabakalebara.

Alleging that now buses are not visiting the bus stand at Malatipatapur they ascribed the reason behind construction of the bus stand there for its proximity to lands belonging to BJD leaders.

Further, Opposition members alleged that kickbacks have been earned by giving contracts to outsiders for construction of Nabakalebara villages, adding many of the projects associated with Nabakalebara remain incomplete.

The ruling party members maintained that there was no fiasco but delay in infusion of the Brahma padartha and ascribed it to difference of opinion between two groups of Daitapatis.

They said both Nabakalebara and Rath Yatra of the Lords have been conducted smoothly and at the appropriate time. They ruled out any corruption in the process.

“They looted by fixing in the name of Jagannath. There can be no second opinion on this. The minister reply is not acceptable,” said Taraprasad Bahinipati, Opposition chief whip in the state assembly speaking to reporters.

“Actually whatever has happened during the selection of darus, in Brahma Parivartan and daru sagadi it should be brought to the fore whether it is mess or not, the people should know about it,” said Basant Panda leader of the BJP legislature party.

“Some misunderstandings that took place during the Nabakalebara have been publicized as mess. The state government has been praised for development of infrastructure for the Nabakalebara. The level of satisfaction that devotees have expressed during the Nabakalebara can be termed as the success of the state government,” said Arun Sahu Minister Law.

“Starting from the Banajaga Yatra to the Niladri Vijay of the Lords and development of infrastructure everything has been done smoothly and in a peaceful manner,” said Maheswar Mohanty, chairman Nabakalebara Infrastructure Development Committee.

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