Petrol sold at Rs 120 per litre in Odisha capital!

Bhubaneswar: Petrol is being sold at Rs 120 per litre by black marketers in the state capital today. Yes, you heard it right.

As fuel stations have remained shut on the occasion of Republic Day today,  black marketers were found sitting on roadsides in the state capital and selling petrol at higher prices. Commuters were seen refilling their vehicles by paying Rs 100-Rs 120 per litre to the black marketers.

Yesterday, the price of petrol was Rs 86.36 per litre.

“I had purchased 10 to 20 litres  of petrol yesterday at Rs 86 per litre yesterday. Though we demand Rs 120 from the commuters, they are paying Rs 100-Rs 110, ” said one Bideshi Behera.

Another black marketer said, “COVID-19 lockdown has badly affected our livelihoods. Selling the petrol at a little  higher price today will help us meet our daily expense at least for few days.”

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