PFI wanted to bring Islamic rule in India by 2047: Maharashtra ATS

New Delhi: The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in its charge sheet has claimed that the Popular Front of India (PFI) wanted to target the police machinery and establish an Islamic rule in India by 2047, and for this they were getting funds from some Muslim countries.

“To achieve their goals, they held secret meetings at seven places in Maharashtra. The accused wanted to establish Sharia Law by replacing the Indian constitution. The accused had planned to disrupt the law and order situation in India by taking the help of international firms,” the charge sheet reads.

The ATS seized a booklet from the cell phone of Mazhar Mansoor Khan, one of the accused, in which the sinister plot was mentioned. The booklet says that they will establish Islamic State when India completes 100 years of Independence.

In the booklet, which they were circulating to the PFI members, it was mentioned as to how they will make the Islamic State a reality by 2047. The book was titled — ‘India 2047, Towards rule of Islam in India. Internal document, not for circulation’.

IANS is in the possession of the charge sheet which has revealed the shocking facts.

A nationwide crackdown was carried out by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) last year. In Maharashtra, five persons connected to the PFI were arrested. The ATS has filed a charge sheet in this matter in which sensational claims have been made.

The charge sheet reveals that the PFI members were conspiring against the state.

“The PFI members were working against the state government. The PFI members conducted secret meetings at Chembur, Dharavi, Kurla, Thane, Nerul, Panvel and Mumbra in which conspiracy theories were made. The PFI had planned to include Muslim youths by telling them that their religion (Muslim religion) was in danger. They well mobilised gullible Muslim youths and provoked them against other religions,” read the charge sheet.

The charge sheet further reads that the PFI wanted Muslim youths to only be identified as ‘Muslims’ and not as Indians. The charge sheet has revealed that they were planning to provide gullible Muslim youth arms training.

“The accused wanted to play the victim card by showing that Muslims were being targeted in the country. The book seized from one of the accused revealed that they wanted Muslims of Kashmir and Lakshadweep to join them as these places have the largest Muslim population. The accused wanted to take the help of local religious Muslim leaders to make gullible Muslim youths think that Muslims were under target. To achieve the goal the accused had made a four-stage programme,” the charge sheet says.

The charge sheet has also mentioned that the PFI was also working to dismantle the RSS.

There are allegations in the charge sheet that the PFI was also seeking help from Islamic countries to create unrest in India. The PFI had also allegedly planned to provoke people from the SC/ST and tribal communities so that their help could also be taken.

“A PFI leader would help SC, ST tribe people so that they would work for them. They wanted to use the tribal community. They wanted their cadre to be part of judiciary and police,” the ATS has alleged in the charge sheet.


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