Protests witnessed across Afghanistan as people take to streets holding country’s national flag

Jalalabad: Several provinces across Afghanistan witnessed protests with Afghans taking to the streets holding the country’s national flag, which is no longer in use since the Taliban took Kabul city.

Residents in the eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Kunar and Khost on Wednesday publicly rallied under the Afghan national flag, Afghan media reported.

Violence was reported in protests in Nangarhar and Khost provinces in clashes between Taliban members and protesters, and there were reports that one demonstrator was killed in Jalalabad city.

The Taliban have stated that next government will decide on the national flag.

“May my life be sacrificed for this flag,” said Ahmad, a resident in Nangarhar.

“We hoisted our flag in the centre of the bazaar, our national flag is our national identity,” said Tahzibullah, a resident in Kunar.

After taking control, the Taliban replaced Afghanistan’s national flag in some parts of the country with its own white flag.


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